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Cameron at the ‘if i stay’ premiere

The Upcoming Amityville Horror Film Has a New Title And It is…

While plot details are scarce, we know Jennifer Jason Leigh, Cameron Monaghan and Bella Thorne star as a family who move into the Long Island home. 

Things have been rather quite on the project, which was known as Amityville, however, I’ve learned that the film is now going to be called Amityville: The Awakening (borrowing a subtitle from Omen IV: The Awakening, I see).

We’re also close to seeing a trailer in anticipation of the film’s January 2, 2015 release. No exact word yet as to when that trailer will drop, but I’m told it’s very soon.



We want to wish a very happy 21st birthday to Cameron!!!!!


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‘The giver’ vast young hollywood interview

Cameron for Interview magazine

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Cameron Monaghan’s year has been hectic. Apparently, though, that’s just the way the 20-year-old actor likes it. He’s coming off the most tumultuous season of Shameless yet (and that’s saying something), and he has two new movies out this month: the big-budget novel adaptation The Giver, and Jamie Marks is Dead, a chilling indie about a guilty teenager seeing the ghost of a deceased classmate.

Charming and boyish, with a perpetually mischievous smirk, and then alternately wise and introverted, Monaghan’s portrayals give due complexity to the roles he’s taken thus far. What’s remarkable about these performances is their honesty. Even as Ian on Shameless, who is gay and biopolar-two things Monaghan is not-the actor rarely plays too far outside himself. Monaghan calls it putting “facets of yourself into those characters,” and there’s an impressive range of empathy to his often troubled roles. 4


New shameless BTS pic


‘The giver’ NY press conference video

‘The giver’ new york premiere

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